ACSO Deputy Pulls Over Local Man For “Window Tint” & Arrests Him For Possessing Cannabis

ACSO Deputy Pulls Over Local Man For “Window Tint” & Arrests Him For  Possessing Cannabis
(From left to right) Deputy Mikell David Mckoy, Jaylen Brown, Judge Meshon Rawls

Around 11:30 pm on July 2, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Mikell David Mckoy (ID#1388) conducted a traffic stop on 23-year-old Jaylen Brown.

Deputy McKoy wrote his reasoning behind pulling over Brown in the arrest report. “The vehicle window tint was extremely dark and was observed from within the approximate distance of 50ft. I could not tell any demographic information about the occupants, or even how many people occupied the vehicle due to the darkness of the tint.” 

Deputy McKoy wrote that he determined Brown’s window tint “to be at 5%” and that he “noted a green leafy substance strewn throughout the vehicle.” McKoy proceeded to seize Brown’s handgun and 38 grams of cannabis.

When Brown was asked why he had the firearm, he responded, “This is Florida.” 

Brown was given one charge for possessing over 20 grams of cannabis, another for intending to sell it, and a third for displaying a firearm during a felony. 

Brown’s charges do not say he illegally possessed the firearm, indicating he owned the gun legally, but he is still being given gun charges due to having the gun while simultaneously possessing twenty or more grams of cannabis.  

Brown, with no victims and no criminal history, had his bail set at $100,000 by Judge Meshon Rawls.

Jack Walden

Jack Walden

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