Battery, Stalking, and Grand Theft Reports Rise at UF in 2023

Battery, Stalking, and Grand Theft Reports Rise at UF in 2023

2023 saw increases and decreases in criminal reports around the University of Florida’s (UF) campus. Reports of theft-related crime generally increased, while reports of violent crime fluctuated. 

Reports of stalking on campus saw an increase in the past year, with 2023 holding 45 reports while 2022 held 29. 

Reports of battery reached 50 in 2023, increasing by 12 compared to the previous year.

Assault reports remained roughly the same, being one less than last year at 15. 

Rape was the only violent crime to see a decrease in reports compared to the previous year, with 14 in 2023 and 22 in 2022. 

Reports of motor vehicle theft decreased significantly in 2023, with 21 reports compared to the previous year’s 43. 

Reports of grand theft offset this, with 75 reports in 2023 compared to 32 in 2022. 

Reports of petit theft saw a similar level of increase, going from 134 reports in 2022 to 200 reports in 2023.

UF’s increase in crime ranges from hundreds of vehicles being stolen to cases of stalking rising significantly. Between these statistics and multiple shootings in the past months within walking distance of dormitories, UF’s administration faces challenges in securing the safety of students and faculty through the new year.

Jack Walden

Jack Walden

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