Drive-By Shooting in Ridgeview, GPD Officers Communicate Evidence Over Personal Cell Phones

Drive-By Shooting in Ridgeview, GPD Officers Communicate Evidence Over Personal Cell Phones

Updated: Jan 23, 2024

On January 15, at 3:37 a.m., Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officers received calls about several gunshots in Ridgeview neighborhood. After speaking to witnesses, one officer remarked over his radio that the car was going too fast to be worth going after.

Officers suspected that the individual responsible for the shooting was driving a silver Chevrolet. No arrests were made in connection with the shooting, however, law enforcement did apprehend Antonio Mayze for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after he was seen driving a vehicle that matched the description a couple of blocks from the scene.

At 4:08 am, one officer stated over his radio, “Hey, man, I'm not sure if you heard, we had another drive-by. I don't want to put the details out over the air, but we have impacts through a house. You want to call me so I can give you details?”

Another officer responded, “Yeah, what’s your cell?”

Shortly after their comments, the police audio cuts out, failing to archive spoken audio from 4:20 a.m. through 5:00 a.m.

GPD has not released any information on this shooting to the general public. Incident reports on this shooting, as well as information on GPD’s policy regarding officers exchanging evidence over personal cell phones, have been requested.

Update: According to GPD records, GPD does not have a policy on personal phones, and "all sworn in are provided with GPD cell phones."

According to the incident report, the shooting occurred at a home, and shell casings from a rifle firing 5.56m rounds were found at the scene. There were two victims, however, no reports indicate anyone was shot. No arrests have been reported and the case is open.

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Some audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. Codes have been put in to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): Cannot make the audio out.

(?): Audio is difficult to make out/uncertainty in what was said.

2.  Police code will be marked in bold.

3. Speakers have been associated with numbers, however, they may become incorrect as the number of speakers increases. 

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this shooting has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

Audio file 1: 3:31 am - 4:01 am

Dec 15 331 401 am

07:56 Speaker 1: 1941 Northwest 31st place, got several calls, 7 to 8 (?) gunshots, and we got a lot, a lot. 

09:41Speaker 1: Is there anybody else who can be 10-8, to help Bolo for the 45.

09:45  Speaker 2: I'll clear it from here soon and then be that way. 

09:49 Speaker 1: 10-4.  

16:31 Speaker 2: Bravo 5

16:33 Speaker 1: Go ahead. 

16:36 Speaker 2: I made contact with people at the 2027. They showed me what they had and not even worth sending out because the car was going so fast, can't make anything out. They're pointing east of their Location of interest (LOI), on 31st Avenue is where it happened so I'm 10-14 there. 

16:55 Speaker 1: 10-4. 

16:56 Speaker 3: Milman, you're saying the shooting probably happened on 31st Avenue East of where you're at?

17:52 Speaker 4: 733 dusty are you still on that vehicle? See if you can get a stop on it get another unit out with you.

17:55 Speaker 5: I lost it. It was occupied by an older Bravo Mike.

18:04 Speaker 4: Alright 10-4 come on down here then.

18:29 Speaker 2: 733, who's the next unit coming in? 

18:30  Speaker 6: We're going to do it(?)

18:32 Speaker 2: Thank you. 

18:36 (GARBLED)

20:37 Speaker 1: 10-4, on the north or south side of the road? 

20:39  Speaker 2: South side. 

20:41 Speaker 1: 10-4

21:54 Speaker 6: Alpha 6, the gate code to Cobblestone and Madison Point, please. 

21:57 Speaker 1: 26

22:38 Alpha 6. I see our caller from Cobblestone, says that he hears them coming from 23rd Boulevard. 

22:56 Speaker 3: Yeah, they're showcasing over here. 

22:57 Speaker 1: 26

22:58 Speaker 3: Be directly in front of 20-03

23:02 Speaker 1: 20-03. 

23:05 Speaker 3: And they're going to be right around. 

24:56 Speaker 5: Copy of rolling 28. 

24:57 Speaker 1: Go ahead. 

25:00 Speaker 5: 73 Delta Sierra Foxtrot Romeo Silver Chevy. 

25:42 Speaker 6: I'll bid you on from Bravo's phone. 

25:43 Speaker 1: 26

25:44 Speaker 6: That was a Bravo Mike. 

25:46 Speaker 1: Bravo Mike. 

26:01 Speaker 7: 6688, anyone ever get out with the person I was talking to on the complainant's door(?)

26:14 Speaker 6: 26

27:36 Speaker 4: Delta 6, I can be 51 from Shand's ER. 

27:39 Speaker 1: Anybody closer? 2036 Northwest 31st place. 

27:41 Speaker 2: Delta 6 reference, I'm clearing here and gone.

27:42 Speaker 1: 10-4. 

28:18 (GARBLED)

28:19 Speaker 1: Go ahead. 

28:21 Speaker 3: Does any unit have crime scene tape? 

28:32 Speaker 4: Officer Millman has volunteered his services for a crime scene tape guy. 

Audio File 2: 4:01 am - 4:19 am

Dec 15 401 419 am

04:39 Speaker 6: Delta 6 23(?)

04:41 Speaker 1: Go ahead. 

04:43 Speaker 6: Delta 520-512-945430. 

04:48 Speaker 1: 10-4. (GARBLED)

05:57 Speaker 6: Delta 520-512-94-5430. 

06:04 Speaker 1: 26.

06:47 Speaker 1: Alpha 6 she's 54 29 27 35.

07:07 Speaker 3: Hey, man, I'm not sure if you heard, we had another drive-by. I don't want to put the details out over the air but we have impacts through a house. You want to call me so I can give you details?

07:21 Speaker 6:Yeah, 26. What's your cell? 

07:27 Speaker 3: 352-575-4535. 

09:06 Speaker 6: Give me a minute to walk back to my car. 

09:36 Speaker 2: 733, FDU notified and they will respond. 

09:36 Speaker 1: 10-4

10:07 Speaker 8: What's the address for the LOI for Channel 1's call? 

11:42 Speaker 2: 733 to all units. When you get the opportunity check your cell phones for a picture. 

12:10 Speaker 7: Those look like LED headlights and our car does not have LED headlights. 

12:15 Speaker 3: Yeah, but be advised, I see that the video is blurred out, man. 

16:04 Speaker 6: 10-4, definitely looking for a rifle. 

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