Firearm Located with Same K-9 That Sent an Innocent Woman to Hospital

Firearm Located with Same K-9 That Sent an Innocent Woman to Hospital
(Left) Cpl. Casey Walsh playing with her K-9 Stern. (Right) Cpl. Casey Walsh holding Stern back after he was permitted to attack an innocent woman

New court documents in Rodricas Young’s cases for allegedly shooting into buildings at Woodland Park Apartments Monday show that Corporal Casey Walsh of the Gainesville Police Department is still the handler of the K-9, which attacked a homeless woman and sent her to the hospital with calf and thumb injuries last month. 

Young was arrested by Officer Andrew Milman Monday morning at 1:00 am and charged with probation violation, resisting an officer without violence, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, shooting into an occupied dwelling, and discharging a firearm in public.  

At 8:20 pm on Monday, Cpl. Walsh returned to the area where Young allegedly dropped a firearm while running away from Milman to attempt to locate it.  

Cpl. Walsh was informed by her colleague that a citizen called to report that they found ammunition in their backyard and that they had surveillance footage showing Young dropping the firearm and picking it up before continuing running.  

Cpl. Walsh stated in her report that the citizen returned a 9-mm magazine to her, and it was submitted as evidence. The citizen’s identity was not regarded in the report.

Cpl. Walsh stated she deployed her K-9 named Stern in the area and found a firearm that was reported stolen out of the Lake City Police Department. She stated that the gun was positioned in such a way that it looked like Young attempted to tamper with or destroy it when he threw it. He was subsequently booked on two more charges of tampering with evidence and grand theft of a firearm.  

Last month, Cpl. Casey Walsh deployed the same K-9 when attempting to locate domestic batterer Dovico Miles Jr. and permitted the dog to attack a woman who was sleeping in a patch of bushes after she was mistaken for Miles.  

Cpl. Walsh's Arrest Report on Young
Cpl. Walsh's Incident Report on K-9 Attack

The altercation between the K-9 and the woman lasted about 23 seconds, with her being given three seconds to respond to the officer’s commands followed by 20 seconds before Cpl. Walsh removed the dog’s grip from the woman. 

Incident reports on the K-9 attack were released to the public on April 6th. 

Shots Fired at Woodland Park Apartments; One Arrested
The arrest report, written by Officer Andrew Milman, states he was conducting surveillance inside a patrol vehicle near Woodland Park Apartments
Gainesville Police Department Releases Incident Report on K-9 Attack
with there being three seconds between officers stating “Let me see your hands” and the woman’s screams.
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