Gainesville Man Arrested for Kidnapping Family Member

Gainesville Man Arrested for Kidnapping Family Member
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Douglas Alexander Strain, 23, was arrested on Wednesday after he kidnapped a family member at Ashbury Park Apartments. 

On April 10th, Strain attempted to go to his mother’s house but was denied entry due to being previously kicked out. Strain went around the residence and broke the back door to regain entry.

Strain’s mom went to call 911, and Strain took the phone from her and punched her in the face until she lost consciousness. He then told his younger brother to get in his vehicle with him, and they left the residence.

When Strain was driving, responding deputies attempted to pull him over. Strain began fleeing at a high rate of speed, telling his younger brother he was trying to keep him safe shortly before crashing the vehicle. 

Strain’s brother reportedly needed medical aid after the crash, but no report indicates he faced serious physical injuries. 

Strain allegedly told detectives information that was inconsistent with witness statements and on-scene evidence and requested a lawyer after he was called out on it. 

Strain was transported to the Alachua County Jail after being medically cleared. He was charged with kidnapping, battery, burglary, property damage, aggravated child abuse, fleeing from the police, and obstruction of justice. 

Strain was arrested last year by the University of Florida Police Department and charged with larceny for stealing a backpack near the library building on West University Avenue.  

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has filed a motion for pretrial detention against Strain after his recent charges. 

Jack Walden

Jack Walden

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