Gainesville Man Threatens to Shoot School on a Weekend

Gainesville Man Threatens to Shoot School on a Weekend

Last night, on October 19, Daniel “Julio” Dominguez, 31, was arrested for posting a video threatening suicide by cop by shooting at a school on a weekend. He was charged with intimidation and terrorism.

Dominguez ran a website called Cushbomb, where he posted poetry, zines, and art. Dominguez posted the video, titled “Suicide Note” on his website, in which he made the threat. Dominguez additionally posted the video on his Instagram

Dominguez started the video talking about his problems. He said he had been dealt a bad hand in life due to the allocation of resources in America. He talked about his immigrant mother and how she didn’t make enough money.

Dominguez then went into detail about his plan. He stated, “I've decided to take up arms and attack the state. I intend to target a middle school, particularly the middle school I went to… I will be going on a Saturday or Sunday when no children are there with the intention of getting as many Nato 556 rounds from my AR15 at the building. I’ll start by shooting at the concrete walls and flank the building. Then I’ll finish by taking out the window in the front office area. I hope and expect the police to arrive on the scene and shoot me at this point.” 

Dominguez stated that if he successfully fired all his rounds from his rifle, he would aim a fake pistol at the police in the hopes they kill him. He said that he does not intend to hurt anyone.

At the end of the video, a disclaimer pops up stating, “This is a work of fiction.”

According to the arrest report, while being transported, Dominguez told police his guns were in his bedroom at his dad’s house. 

The Gainesville Police Department originally thought the video was filmed in Gainesville. Investigation showed Dominguez filmed the video at his parents' residence in Alachua, and he was turned over to the Alachua Sheriff’s Office. 


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Jack Walden

Jack Walden

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