GPD Mistakes Man Dancing on Top of Downtown Parking Garage for Suicide Attempt

GPD Mistakes Man Dancing on Top of Downtown Parking Garage for Suicide Attempt

On June 16th, around 8:26 pm, a Gainesville police officer by Southwest 1st Avenue called in about a man standing at the top of the Downtown Parking Garage and threatening to jump. The man was said to be standing at the Northeast corner of the garage roof.

He was described as wearing a blue hoodie and carrying a large violin. GPD struggled to locate the man, with one officer not being able to tell if he ran down or was still at the top. By the time a policeman arrived on the roof, the man was gone.

GPD started to suspect the man was not suicidal after one officer on the call said she saw him dancing on the roof. This was later confirmed after an officer spoke to a group of witnesses at Lucy's who said that the man never said he was going to jump, and he was simply singing and dancing on the roof while another man recorded him.

GPD Audio: 8:09 pm - 8:39 pm

Source: Broadcastify

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(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out. 

 (?): I have an idea of what they're saying but there are doubts.

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809 pm 839 pm

17:18 Speaker 1: Delta 2 be advised of 97.

17:21 Speaker 2: 97 37 Alpha, I'm down by Southwest 1st avenue and 1st Street. University avenue (GARBLED) There's a man on the top of the building saying he's gonna jump. He's on top of the car garage at the wedge. We're still getting further, 20-25 hours.

17:48 Speaker 1: Can you repeat the address?

17:55 Speaker 3: 102734.

17:57 (GARBLED)

17:59 Speaker 1: Delta 2 You said car garage?

18:00 Speaker 2: That's correct.

18:04 Speaker 4: Reference 10-87(?) at the (GARBLED) Got one subject whose on the

Northeast corner of the garage roof, Downtown parking garage.

18:20 Speaker 3: (GARBLED)

18:32 Speaker 1: To be advised someone is saying he's got a musical instrument up there

18:35 (GARBLED)

18:56 97-7(?) He just got off the top of the wall, I don't have a visual on him anymore, some type of hoodie maybe.

19:09 Speaker 1: (GARBLED) Blue hoodie.

19:17 Speaker 2: Holding what appears to be a very large violin

19:35 Speaker 5: Alachua from engine 21

19:35 Engine 21 (GARBLED) one and rescue 20 available

19:57 Speaker 4: Engine 21 rescue 20 available, subject refused, walked off, that's 2027.

20:12 Speaker 4: (GARBLED) From the East and I'm walking up the East Stairs.

20:22 Speaker 1: (GARBLED)

20:33 Speaker 4: Reference I think he ran, he's possibly running down, or I think he's still on top it's kinda hard to tell cause the garage but he's like on the floor not a corner of the building.

20:48 Speaker 5: 54 (GARBLED)

21:04 Speaker 4: (GARBLED) confirming he's on the very top.

21:08 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) 54, I believe he got downstairs, he's probably heading Southwest.

21:30 Speaker 4: (GARBLED) subject description, and DOP(?)

21:37 Speaker 2: Could not identify race, last seen wearing a blue hoodie, carrying a very large violin.

21:55 Speaker 4: He's no longer on the parking garage threatening to jump, and where did you last see him sir?

22:03 Speaker 1: At the 26 he is not a threat no more, did not see the last point. Myself and security went up the Northeast side, we did not see him there.

22:23 Speaker 4: If i can get one vehicle mobile in the parking garage, just in case he steps into the same car.(?)

22:37 Speaker 2: Any unit in area?

22:38 Speaker 6: The mobile in the parking garage.

22:51 Speaker 1: Odd looking Honda with horns coming out the front of it,

22:58 (GARBLED)

23:02 Speaker 1: Dark colored Honda with like front end damage with horns on the front end pulling out in the Southwest valley.

23:11 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) car right there

23:27 Speaker 5: Alachua rescue 24

23:29 Speaker 2: Did you see this person in that area, or is there multiple subjects that matches the description?

23:44 Speaker 1: I wasn't close enough to the car to get a good look inside. I was just letting ya'll know he's pulling out.

23:50 (GARBLED)

23:54 Speaker 6: Did someone check the West airgate(?)

24:01 Speaker 1: 26 foxtrot delta papa, a black Toyota Yaris, and we're gonna be on the Southwest side of the parking garage, this is 3rd street.

24:18 Speaker 6: Delta 2

24:24 Speaker 2: Delta 2 go ahead.

24:25 Speaker 6: Did you see his pants?

24:43 Speaker 2: Very long jacket.

24:52 Speaker 2: Reference of AO, he was dancing on the top, it did not look like he was 37 alpha, just fyi.

25:02 Speaker 2: (GARBLED)

25:08 Speaker 4: Sierra 527 (GARBLED) what's your location?

25:15 Speaker 1: Top of the parking garage.

25:18 Speaker 4: 10-4 stay there please.

25:28 (GARBLED)

25:54 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) Foxtrot papa delta 64-29(?) (GARBLED) 329 in a 23(?) (GARBLED) vehicle (GARBLED) is he a junior outta Tampa?

26:11 Speaker 5: 10-26 10-65 Florida 20-27

26:17 Speaker 2: Go ahead

26:23 Speaker 5: Gonna be a Charlie 656 224744480 that's gonna be the driver of the vehicle.

26:33 Speaker 1: Ya'll, I just talked to a couple dozen people at Lucy's, all of them advised he never made an explanation he was gonna jump, he was just singing and dancing, and there was another man recording him.

26:46 Speaker 5: Yeah the drugs are what we got going on here.

27:48 Speaker 5: Alachua rescue 80, were gonna be canceled off scene by GPD available.

28:00 Speaker 4: (GARBLED) available.

28:10 (GARBLED)

28:14 Speaker 7: Unit is 10-12 with the driver with the violin that recorded.

28:22 Speaker 5: (GARBLED)

28:28 Speaker 7: Once you're done with the information do you think you could cancel traffic and (GARBLED) on the call (GARBLED) all the information.

All mention related to this incident ends here, the rest of the audio contains reference to an unrelated medical emergency.

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