Gun Pulled at McDonald’s on West University

Gun Pulled at McDonald’s on West University

On October 5th, at 8:42 pm, GPD received a call from a woman stating that a man at the McDonald’s located at 1206 W University Avenue pulled a black handgun on multiple people, including her son.

The suspect, Jacob Abraham Morris, 43, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault the same night of the incident.

According to the arrest report two of the victims were walking towards the McDonald's when Morris approached them, yelling aggressively before pointing his gun at them.

The victims told police the suspect fled North on Nw 11th Street. Officers established a perimeter and used K9's when searching for Morris. He was later arrested in the area of NW 10th Street off of University

The arrest report can be found here.

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Keep in mind a lot of this audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. I've put in codes to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but have doubts.

2. A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. I’ve done my best to match all the voices to numbers but do keep in mind the numbers associated with the speakers may be incorrect at times.

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this incident have not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

Audio File: 8:34 pm - 9:04 pm

834 pm 904 pm

12:06 Speaker 1: 22 alpha at the McDonald’s 1206 W University Avenue. The complainants advising that someone pointed a gun at people and at the complainant’s son. He’s a whiskey mike medium build. 20 to 40 years old wearing a dark shirt and shorts. Still taking the call.

12:55 Speaker 2: I’m pretty close when you get a chance can you let me know what kind of gun and what direction of travel. I know you’re working on it.

13:01 Speaker 1: Hes running between the buildings near the smoke shop and the Bank of America.

13:30 Speaker 1: He’s on foot behind the Bank of America.

13:38 Speaker 2: What is he wearing?

13:41 Speaker 1: Dark shirt, shorts. He’s running up the road behind the bank, black handgun.

13:45 Speaker 3: Hes on 22(?) Walmart nearby the suspects walking out the grocery doors.

13:50 Speaker 4: (GARBLED) gonna be 10-12. Juliet 2 confirming lima has a stripe shirt.

14:00 Speaker 2: Hey foxtrot I’m behind the Bank of America. I don’t have eyes on the suspect. He’s a White male, dark colored shirt.

14:07 Speaker 1: White male medium in-between his 20s to 40s (GARBLED)

14:12 Speaker 4: Disregard I’m 10-12. The male doesn’t match the description(?)

14:16 Speaker 3: 10-4 (GARBLED)

14:21 Speaker 4: Yeah, I’m 10-12.

14:24 Speaker 2: 25th I’m on 18 and on foot right now, still looking for him. What kind of gun, is it a handgun?

14:29 Speaker 1: A black handgun yes sir.

14:31 Speaker 2 Mike 2 10-50

14:33 Speaker 3: (GARBLED) 10-14

14:35 Speaker 5: 99-28-57 I’m available to help if you need me.

14:40 Speaker 2: Yeah you can be 51 I need somebody to confirm the crime. I’m just trying to see if i can identify a suspect right now.

14:46 Speaker 3: Quebec 2 two units 10-14.

14:52 Speaker 5: 527 I’m pulling up on Northwest 3rd.

14:57 Speaker 1: Our complainants the one on the scooter if anybody sees that.

15:19 Speaker 2: Hey Casey I think i’m gonna hold when i’m at an atm(?) and once we confirm we can have the victim show up where he last saw him walking, see if we can get a track.

15:31 Speaker 3: 11-21 16-5(?) perimeter.

15:33 Speaker 1: Go ahead.

15:35 Speaker 3: 5th ave, 6th Street, 13th Street, and University Avenue.

16:05 Speaker 4: November 2 there’s a White male running Southbound right now towards University avenue.

16:09 Speaker 1: From?

16:11 Speaker 4: (GARBLED) 1200 block just West of Mc’Donalds.

16:26 Speaker 5: We need the perimeter 8th instead of 6th.

17:21 Speaker 5: Has anyone gone 97 with the victim yet?

17:23 Speaker 3: I’m going right now, about to 97.

17:26 Speaker 5: Everyone else take a perimeter spot.

18:19 Speaker 5: University looks good, the perimeter, get that Northbound.

18:25 Speaker 6: Foxtrot 2 district 47 there’s a large construction site North of 5th ave (GARBLED) to get on the North side of that.

18:36 Speaker 1: Squad 1 Alachua.

18:38 Speaker 2: Bravo 2

18:39 Speaker 5: Bravo 2.

18:41 Speaker 2: We have confirmed, agg assault times two.

18:44 Speaker 5: Confirmed agg assault times two.

18:44 Speaker 1: Squad 1 Alachua.

18:46 Speaker 4: Go ahead.

18:38 Speaker 1: Sending you a 20 minute time note, 20-51 hours.

18:54 Speaker 6: Bravo 2 can the victim advise her last seen point?

19:30 Speaker 2: So, from Mc’Donalds parking lot, well drive-thru. He went Eastbound behind, I guess the smoke shop, and behind the Chevron, and they lost sight of him there.

19:43 Speaker 1: Alright have them come over. I’m on the other side of the drive-thru. Have them come over to my car to show me.

19:48 Speaker 6: Lima 378 are you 10-26 call West if you’re okay with that.

19:54 Speaker 4: 10-4.

19:56 Speaker 3: Alpha 2 10-14.

19:57 Speaker 1: 10-4.

19:59 Speaker 4: Alachua rescue 20.

20:00 Speaker 6: (GARBLED) 10-9 to suspect’s description please.

20:04 Speaker 1: The suspect is a whiskey mike, medium build, 20s to 40s with a dark shirt and shorts, and a black handgun.

20:16 Speaker 6: Rescue 23 available 20-52.

20:49 Speaker 4: 11-21 if there’s any units available we need to cover North it looks like we only have 5 to 7 to foxtrot 2.

20:59 Speaker 7: Charlie I’m in the North, I’m on 8th and 3rd.

21:18 Speaker 6: Bravo 2 can you confirm they’re on foot cause I saw there was a note about a scooter.

21:28 Speaker 3: That’s 10-4 he’s on foot.

21:56 Speaker 4: Do we have anything more than just a dark shirt and shorts?

22:10 Speaker 1: Bravo 2 can you get something more specific for the description?

22:13 Speaker 2: 10-4 stand by. The woman is advising blue shirt, black shorts, and black shoes.

23:10 Speaker 6: 992 dogs on the ground. I’m gonna meet up with 857 and have him go with me.

23:15 Speaker 1: Dogs on the ground.

23:43 Speaker 6: Updated 23 he was last seen Northbound on 12th I think it is, whatever the Bank of America road is.

23:49 Speaker 1: Northbound on 12th 10-4.

23:53 Speaker 5: Foxtrot 2 can you get another unit we still need a Northeast side cover for perimeter.

25:03 Speaker 4: Just trying to see if you can go to 3 with me.

25:05 Speaker 3: We can’t right now we don’t have the (GARBLED) because we’re on traffic on 1.

25:12 Speaker 4: 10-4 can just you relay to 1 cause I don’t wanna step on their traffic. Whoever is next on scene with bravo 2 that does not already happening(?) to start looking at the cameras from Mc’Donalds and the smoke shop. Both are relatively good and I can work on face id.

25:35 Speaker 2: 300 block of 11th Street(?)

28:02 Speaker 1: Victor 11-14.

28:05 Speaker 2: I’m crossing 19th Street headed Eastbound.

28:28 Speaker 6: Do we have any description on his hair or anything like that, facial hair?

28:46 Speaker 2: They’re advising he’s bald in the middle and he’s like in his 30s. Like kinda bald in the middle and hair around.

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