One Detained after Gunshots at Value Lodge

One Detained after Gunshots at Value Lodge

On Tuesday, October 17, at 11:07 am, the Gainesville Police Department (GPD) responded to calls about a shooting at Value Lodge. Officers detained the suspect, Travis McKenney, 36, after a witness identified him as the shooter. McKenney was charged with attempted homicide.

One caller told police five shots were fired. Another said the victim was lying on the ground by a red Prius.

Police audio indicates the victim was a man with a gunshot wound to the right leg. He was transported to Shands with reportedly non-life-threatening injuries.

McKenney currently has another case open with charges of drug possession and resisting or obstructing an officer without violence.

When Mckenney’s most recent arrest report is available, it will be posted to this page. 

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Keep in mind a lot of this audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. I've put in codes to flag possible inaccuracies:  

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but have doubts.

 2.  A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. I’ve done my best to match all the voices to numbers but do keep in mind the numbers associated with the speakers may be incorrect at times.

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this shooting has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

Audio File 1: 10:44 am - 11:14 am

Oct 17 1044 am 1114 am

27:03 Speaker 1: Attention all units channel 1 for 33 down from 45 to signal 35. Value Lodge, 2000 Southwest 13th Street. Oscar 4 papa 4. Sierra 5 93. (GARBLED) 

27:18 Speaker 2: Romeo 4 can you hold that call I'm gonna be 51 to shots fired.

27:22 Speaker 1: Yeah I see it (GARBLED) Oscar 4 to papa 4. Romeo 4 you wanna go? 

27:37 (GARBLED)

27:39 Speaker 1: Attention all units channel 1 for 33 gun from 45 to signal 35. Value lodge, 2000 Southwest 13th Street. Oscar 4 papa 4. Sierra 5 93 and LEA(?) can be in route. 

27:55 (GARBLED)

27:58 Speaker 1: Units be advised originally five shots were heard with people screaming. We received another call advised someone has been shot. It sounded like a handgun. 

28:09 Speaker 3: 16-33 Alachua radio check from rescue 21

28:12 Speaker 2: You're unclear(?) from channel 1. 

28:14 Speaker 3: Copy. 

28:15 Speaker 1: Another caller advised people were running from the back someone shot. Now they see someone laying face down on the ground next to a red Prius at the back of Value Lodge. Victim is in the vehicle. 

28:49 Lifeline Bot: Squad one. CC one. District 2 notification. Shooting. 2000 Southwest 13th Street. Value Lodge. Operate on alpha 3. Squad one. CC one. District 2 notification. Shooting. 2000 Southwest 13th Street. Value Lodge. Operate on alpha 3. 1109. 

29:17 Speaker 1: Some people running saw a large crowd prior to that. Suspect is possibly still in the area. No description on suspect at this time.  

29:31 Speaker 4: Gainesville hold your traffic for a minute. Bobby set up a quick perimeter if you're not there yet. 

29:37 Speaker 5: Almost there someones gotta set a perimeter.

29:39 Speaker 6: Delta 4 97

29:40 Speaker 1: 97. Delta 4 Oscar 4. I got another call coming in they're hearing multiple shots. 

29:46 Speaker 6: Charlie 4.

29:49 Speaker 2: Charlie 4

Audio File 2: 11:14 am - 11:44 am

Oct 17 1114 am 1144 am

00:02 Speaker 6: You can clear this out to romeo (GARBLED)

00:05 Speaker 2: 98 romeo

00:06 (GARBLED)

00:09 Speaker 2: Squad 1 cc1 district 5 responding to a gunshot wound 2000 Southwest 13th Street. 2000 Southwest 13th Street. 

00:17 Speaker 5: 10-97 we're 97 from the South. (GARBLED)

00:23 Speaker 2: Rescue 30 Alachua 15 minute at hospital time note is 11 11 hours. 

00:31 Speaker 4: We've had multiple calls with gunshots heard. 

00:35 Speaker 3: Delta 4 priority. I've got one at gunpoint.

00:38 Speaker 7: (GARBLED) suspect upstairs in the middle. 

00:41 Speaker 5: Witness saying the shooters a Black male, wearing all black with dreads. 

00:47 Speaker 4: We did get reports of someone laying face down, possibly laying in a vehicle, a red car. 

00:55 Speaker 7: He's on the 2nd floor shot into the air(?) (GARBLED)

01:00 Speaker 8: Delta 4 one at gunpoint where are you delta 4.

01:02 Speaker 5: Were right on the Southside of Value Lodge hold your traffic real quick. 

01:07 Speaker 4: I do believe the patient was conscious breathing. There are still reports of shots being fired. Staged in(?) the area. GPD's in the area currently. 

01:14 Speaker 2: Engine 21 confirm your response on alpha 5 channel alpha 5.

01:19 Speaker 7: Engine 21 confirm response alpha 5 (GARBLED)

01:24 Speaker 2: Engine 21 confirm your response. (GARBLED)

01:27 Speaker 3: Delta 4. Our victim is still potentially upstairs as well. Delta 4 were moving to take the suspect into custody. 

01:35 Speaker 7: Engine 21 confirm response to alpha 5 tact(?) 5

01:40 Speaker 2: Engine 21 confirm your response on alpha 5, Channel alpha 5.

01:44 Speaker 9: Alachua rescue 81 patient contact conscious alert male. 

01:49 Speaker 7: Rescue 81 patient contact conscious alert male 11 12

01:54 Speaker 10: I got the subject thats down on the ground. I'm on the Northwest side. I'm checking on him now. Can i get somebody (GARBLED) so I can get cover please. 

02:08 Speaker 6: 97 from the North. 

02:12 Speaker 11: Conscious breathing, looks like a White male, gunshot wound to the leg. 

02:15 Speaker 2: Juliet 4 10-14

02:48 Speaker 7: I'm fixin(?) to pull in. We need a trauma kit or anything?

02:55 Speaker 11: (GARBLED) to the subject's right leg. 

03:00 Speaker 6: If the suspects in custody is the scene secure.

03:04 Speaker 4: They have not advised that yet. 

03:47 Speaker 10: All the way down here I got a bravo mike right here standing here in front of you. I need him checked.

04:08 Speaker 10: Got a gun in the room. 

04:12 Speaker 5: Oh and the guy who had the gun (GARBLED)

04:25 Speaker 6: Where you at?

04:27 Speaker 5: Hotel 4 I got one detained. 

04:40 Speaker 1: EMS can come in. 

04:44 Speaker 2: Squad 1 (GARBLED) they're advising you can come in now. 

04:48 Speaker 1: Where are you? On the Westside of Value Lodge?

04:51 Speaker 5: Northwest corner

04:55 Speaker 8: Bobby, he says.the signal zeros inside of the room on the dresser. 

04:57 Speaker 4: It's gonna be the Northwest corner of the Value Lodge. 

05:00 Speaker 6: Alright so the suspect's description that came out, the Black male with dreads. Do we have him detained at this time? 

05:07 Speaker 5: Yes I have him detained. 

05:09 Speaker 3: 23 you can cancel we can have a route(?)

05:11 Speaker 2: They're advising you can go in Northwest corner of the Value Lodge. 

05:22 Speaker 3: Alright any other responding officers go ahead and do not let anybody leave this property. 

05:28 Speaker 13: Gainesville. Scene is secure for EMS. Please have them enter near the South entrance. Have them 10-18.

05:39 Speaker 5: Hey Chuck, Chuck stop that (GARBLED) he's a witness. 

05:46 Speaker 14: Just to confirm there's only one suspect correct? There's nobody else outstanding? Whoever's 10-12 with the victim can we confirm if there's only one suspect?

06:01 Speaker 5: I have a witness who witnessed it. We have the right suspect, we have the right person in custody and that's the only person we had shot. 

06:12 Speaker 15: (GARBLED) We have a total of one patient. Gunshot wound to the right upper leg. 

06:16 Speaker 10: EMS is 10-12 with the victim. 

06:21 Speaker 5: Gainesville were in the Northwest corner of the parking lot. 

06:27 Speaker 6: Alright we should do security sweep of apartment or room 442 (GARBLED)

07:17 Speaker 2: Send a trauma alert to Shands please. (GARBLED) male gunshot wound to the leg. 

07:44 Speaker 1: (GARBLED) comes back to a (GARBLED) 2000 Southwest 13th Street.

07:47 Speaker 2: Rescue 81

07:51 Speaker 11: 10-26. Yeah that's gonna be our victim. 

08:19 Speaker 10: Can somebody get the crime scene (GARBLED) please. 

08:21 Speaker 7: I'm getting crime scene tape right now. 

08:25 Speaker 10: Can you also grab a log as well, if you have one?

08:27 Speaker 7: I can't hear you. 

08:30 Speaker 10: Can you also grab a crime scene log as well. 

08:33 Speaker 7: Yes I got it. Gainesville I'm putting the CR on it, don't pull another one. 

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