Hunters Creek Man Arrested for Kidnapping in Gainesville

Hunters Creek Man Arrested for Kidnapping in Gainesville
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A man from Hunters Creek, Orange County, Freddie Lee Martin, 31, was arrested in Gainesville at 6 am on Friday and charged with one count of kidnapping, one count of burglary , one count of marijuana possession, and two counts of property damage after holding a woman hostage at an apartment in Highland Court Manor. 

According to the arrest report, Martin arrived on the scene and forced his way into the apartment after being denied entry. After he made his way inside, the victim contacted law enforcement, and he proceeded to flee the scene. 

It's unclear what prior relationship Martin and the victim had; however, the arrest report does say she recognized his voice.  

Due to the condition of the door, the victim was not able to leave her apartment, prompting a law enforcement officer to fix it. 

An hour later, Martin arrived back at the victim’s residence and forced his way inside. At this point, the officer was still around the complex but not directly with the victim. 

As Martin entered the apartment, he reportedly stated, “Y’all go nowhere, or everybody dies in here.” He then stated, “Oh, you motherfuckers are snitching and going to call the police on me. Okay, I got something for you.”

The law enforcement officer returned to the apartment and called for backup in order to arrest Martin. 

While being transported, Martin reportedly became violent and caused extensive property damage to the door of the patrol vehicle. 

He has seven felony and sixteen misdemeanor adjunctions; one violent.

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has filed a motion for pre-trial detention. 

Jack Walden

Jack Walden

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