Ignite Life Center Head Pastors’ Son Granted Another Continuance

Ignite Life Center Head Pastors’ Son Granted Another Continuance

 Updated June 16 | Added further clarification for why Vargas was given a continuance.

Editor’s Notes | Besides Vargas’ new continuance, all the information in this article has been collaborated from previous reports about ILC on GnvInfo.

Christian Vargas, 20, the son of Ignite Life Center (ILC) head pastor Mark Vega, has been granted another continuance, pushing his case management hearing that he had scheduled for this Monday to now be scheduled for August 8. This is Vargas’ third continuance.

Vargas's motion for continuance states his lawyer, Gilbert Schaffnit, is scheduled to take dispositions in another sexual abuse case in Alachua County. Schaffnit is representing Jones Dean Frederick, 50, who is being charged with three counts of sexual assault.

Vargas' motion for continuance also says that Schaffnit is scheduled to be in New York City on Monday. The motion additionally lists Assistant State Attorney, Lua Lepiankia, having been out of office until last Friday as another reason for the delay.

Vargas is currently facing charges for two counts of lewd or lascivious behavior for allegedly raping a 12- to 13-year-old girl when he was 16 as well as sexually coercing a 14-year-old girl when he was 17–18. 

Vargas was originally arrested on July 19th, 2023, and was released a day after he was arrested on a $40,00 bond. 

Vargas has to abide by court-mandated restrictions while released such as not contacting the victims, not interacting with any minors unsupervised, wearing a GPS monitoring system, and having a curfew from 6 am to 7 pm except for work, school, and church purposes.  

In March, it was found that Vargas had continued attending ILC despite his arrest report showing he committed his crimes at ILC. 

During a live streamed sermon on January 21, Vega could be heard mouthing the words, “Pray for my son,” while pointing at Vargas. Vargas was also spotted in an Instagram post at ILC, which was posted a few months after he was released. He is in the back right corner, wearing glasses and black clothing.


In April, Vargas’ leash got longer as he was legally permitted to travel to White Plains, New York. He had to adhere to court orders while out of state. Vargas’ motion to travel out of state from April 1 through April 10 was unopposed by the court. 

Former Yankees pitcher and World Series champion Mariano Rivera has made his residence in White Plains, NY. Rivera posted pictures of himself standing with Vargas on the Mariano Rivera Foundation Facebook page in January. Social media posts also show Vega and Rivera are longtime friends. 

Despite court orders showing Vargas would be permitted in New York until April 10, Vega made an appearance at the end of ILC’s sermon on April 7. He said, “I’m not supposed to be here. My wife is not supposed to be here.” He then said, with air quotes, “We are technically on vacation.” 


Vargas’s continuances and release are under the condition that he follow all court orders. Vargas’ order allowing him to travel stated he was “permitted to travel with his parents.”

It hasn't been verified how it was ensured that Vargas followed all court orders throughout his travel. It isn’t clear if Vargas left New York early with his parents, if Mark and his wife Lisa Vega traveled back to White Plains, or if Vargas was in New York without his parents. 

ILC has a long and growing list of coverups, civil lawsuits, criminal cases, and inappropriate actions that have been covered on GnvInfo. All can be found on the page linked below. 

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