Man Arrested for Battery on Santa Fe College Campus

Man Arrested for Battery on Santa Fe College Campus

On Monday morning, October 23, Xavier Javonte Dallas, 31, was arrested and charged with battery near the Human Resources building on Santa Fe College campus.

At about 10 a.m., Dallas allegedly approached the victim on the sidewalk outside the building as he was speaking with a colleague. Dallas reportedly asked “why you in my way?” and stated that he was a “grown man.”

The victim claimed to have recognized Dallas, who had allegedly been having “on-going issues” with other employees of the college. The victim additionally stated that Dallas had threatened Santa Fe College Student Life staff and thrown things at them when not given his desired donated foods from the food pantry.

The victim stated that he left the sidewalk and entered the nearby office building. He claimed that Dallas followed him into the building and forcefully pushed him into a witness’s office.

Both the victim and witness claimed that Dallas had then moved toward him, yelling and pointing at him. The victim allegedly moved into a corner of the office, raising his hands up in an attempt to de escalate the situation.

According to the witness, Dallas then left through the front door.

Shortly after, the victim activated an emergency panic alarm in the building. A Santa Fe College police officer responded to the alarm and spoke with the victim and witness. Dallas was then arrested and charged with battery.

After Dallas was read his Miranda rights, he reportedly claimed that he had been “hacked” by people at the college and had the emails to prove it. Additionally, Dallas stated that the victim had “disrespected” him by standing in his way on the sidewalk, and he had “stepped to him,” shoving him into the office, but not punching him.

Dallas is currently in custody.


Christopher De Cara

Christopher De Cara

Christopher De Cara is a current undergraduate student at the University of Florida. He studies investigative journalism and related fields.