Man Calls Police on His Own Shooting at Come N Go

Man Calls Police on His Own Shooting at Come N Go

Update: August 4, 1:25 pm

On Monday, July 24, at 10:15 pm, GPD received a call from a man identified as Courtney Crosby who was reporting someone shooting at him at the Come N Go convenience store. Crosby said the shooter was driving a U-Haul and stopped at the traffic light on NW 16th avenue and North Main Street. Police responded to the area and detained the U-Haul driver.

During the investigation Crosby allegedly ran towards the police car which the U-Haul driver was detained in and threatened to kill him. When officers attempted to handcuff Crosby he allegedly resisted, however, they succeeded in detaining him. He was placed in a separate patrol vehicle.

The investigation revealed the U-Haul driver was in the parking lot of Bentley’s at 1138 NE 16th ave while Crosby was shooting at Come N Go. Surveillance footage captured him exiting the store and firing a gun, with bullets hitting his own car. Officers allegedly located a firearm inside the vehicle.

Crosby’s record revealed he was a convicted felon. He was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and resisting without violence.

Crosby complained of injuries and was taken to the hospital before going to the Alachua County Jail.

On August 3rd an incident report on this shooting was retrieved:

A brief audio transcription of this incident has been provided. When more information is retrieved an update will be posted to this page.


GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Keep in mind a lot of this audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. I've put in codes to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but have doubts.

2.  A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. I’ve done my best to match all the voices to numbers but do keep in mind the numbers associated with the speakers may be incorrect at times.

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this shooting has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

Audio File 10:18 pm - 10:48 pm

1018 pm 1048 pm

00:46 Speaker 1: Signal 43 GPD just went to (GARBLED) 33 in reference to, subject was actively being shot at from a vehicle Northeast 12th Street Northeast 16th Place.

1:24 Speaker 3: Engines advising that they’re on 16 Street but that’s not where the ping is showing.

1:30 Speaker 2: Where is it showing?

1:36 Speaker 3: Last seen at 1205 Northeast 18th avenue moving to Northeast 18th avenue and Northeast 12th Street. The ping now is at 9th street and 16th.

1:41 Speaker 2: 14676 Northeast 27th Place. 14676 Northeast 27th Place Belmount

1:59 Speaker 3: That’s on 16th. Screaming that it’s on 16th and Main, going Westbound 16th avenue.

2:09 Speaker 1: 9th and 16th.

2:15 Speaker 3: Screaming that they’re at 16th and Main, suspects in a U haul.

2:23 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) on 16th.

2:30 Speaker 3: Who we need to talk to?

2:35 (GARBLED)

2:40 Speaker 3: On 16th and Main.

2:44 Speaker 2: Somebody stop on the U haul. If you could work your way this way cause we’re at (GARBLED) right now.

2:53 Speaker 3: Yep be there(?) give me a second.

3:02 Speaker 2: Coming from the Eastside are you guys pointed Westbound.

3:11 Speaker 1: 13th on 16th avenue.

3:38 Speaker 2: Alright U haul Occupant is detained at this time.

3:40 Speaker 3: 10-4.

3:59 Speaker 2: Apparently there was no gun possibility a signal (GARBLED)

4:10 Speaker 5: So were 10-12 with the caller’s girlfriend.

4:35 Speaker 6: Alpha 6 I’ll be 51 to the crime scene location.

4:41 Speaker 3: Northeast 12th Street Northeast 16th. Advised DOT shooting(?)

5:08 Speaker 6: Delta 2 all units were attempting to call the complainant now.

5:18 Speaker 5: I was the complainant’s vehicle.

5:23 Speaker 3: 10-4

5:46 Speaker 2: I don’t see any impact rounds(?) on the u haul.

5:58 Speaker 3: do you have the DO2(?) (GARBLED)

6:23 Speaker 5: In the vehicle they went Eastbound to Waldo road, and the U haul went Westbound, he was only able to follow (GARBLED)

7:50 Speaker 1: 10-33 Channel 2 remains on traffic for 20-12 with signal 45 at Northeast 12th Street and Northeast 16th Place. Uninvolved remain on channel 1.

10:00 Speaker 2: Foxtrot 2 I've got casings.

10:11 Speaker 3: Advised casings and wallet

10:14 Speaker 2: Several shell casings.

11:00 Speaker 4: Law enforcement already on scene to our call, do we need a stage for this(?)

11:20 Speaker 3: (GARBLED)

11:24 Speaker 2: No it’s the Come & Go. 1150 Northeast 16th Street.

17:06 Speaker 2: Yeah I’m getting crime scene tape up now we’ve got (GARBLED) but if i could get someone over here to help interview witnesses that would be great.

17:17 Speaker 5: I don’t know if these channels are separated or not but since we’ve got a bunch of extra units on that 31, that wasn’t a shooting could we have them 51 to foxtrot 2.

17:53 Speaker 4: What channel is the 22 alpha on?

17:57 Speaker 2: Two and they are requesting units back in route cause they need more assistance.

18:05 Speaker 6: 10-4 were 10-97 on that we’ve stopped a vehicle coming out 10-50 on November Romeo delta quebec 05 we’re gonna go channel two.

18:34 Speaker 2: Foxtrot 2 I know there’s a lot going on is there a confirmed 35 or do we just have a 45 22 alpha.

18:47 Speaker 3: The signal 31 was not related.

18:49 Speaker 2: Okay 10-4 so they signal 45(?) (GARBLED)

19:27 Speaker 3: (GARBLED) units on the scene but i’m 10-12 with the victim in the U haul. Victim said there was three passengers in the U haul, three to four passengers in a white van. Then two passengers in a charger, and they all went East or Westbound on 16th avenue.

20:44 Speaker 4: Juliet 2 and I are 10-8 from the 10-50 coming out of the signal 45 and back to foxtrot 2.

22:57 Speaker 5: Hey do you have enough units over there with you?

23:04 Speaker 3: 10-4 I got two units.

23:07 Speaker 5: Okay can you start collecting the information of the victim that shot and get their statements. I know you still have the suspect with you.

23:13 Speaker 3: 10-4 Delta 6 (GARBLED) 43

23:22 Speaker 5: Perfect thank you.

24:22 Speaker 6: 981 to foxtrot 2.

24:26 Speaker 2: Go ahead.

24:29 Speaker 6: Ive got shell casings and someone ran outta the slides over here. There’s a bunch of, well, there’s evidence over here.

24:50 Speaker 2: Johnson is getting tape for you.

24:55 Speaker 6: Yeah we’re gonna need to extend this crime scene.

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