Multiple Teenagers Stabbed in Brawl at The Polos of Gainesville

Multiple Teenagers Stabbed in Brawl at The Polos of Gainesville

On August 13, at 6:00 pm, Gainesville police officers received a call from a teenager at the office of the Polos apartments. The kid alleged that he stabbed three people in self-defense when a group jumped him. One officer remarked when approaching that there were ten suspects. Police found multiple bloodied knives on the group. They also advised that multiple suspects' clothes were stained with blood.

Officers made contact with one victim at the front office. EMS soon arrived at the scene to treat their injuries.

It is confirmed there was at least one more victim found in the complex, with police audio indicating they were stabbed twice. GPD instructed ambulatory victims to walk to the front office for treatment.

According to a report by WCJB 20, the injuries were not life-threatening. They also stated GPD is forwarding charges to the State Attorney’s Office.

When more information about this incident is found, an update will be posted to this page.

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Keep in mind a lot of this audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. I've put in codes to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but have doubts.

2.  A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. I’ve done my best to match all the voices to numbers but do keep in mind the numbers associated with the speakers may be incorrect at times.

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this stabbing has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

Audio File: 5:39 pm: 6:09 pm

539 pm 609 pm

13:48 Lifeline Bot: Tower 2. Rescue 62. District 2 notification. Stabbing. 2330 Southwest Williston Road. Polos Apartments. Operate on alpha 3. Tower 2. Rescue 62. District 2 notification. Stabbing. 2330 Southwest.

14:16 Speaker 1: 436 Polos Apartments 2330 Southwest Williston Road. Your complainant is calling from the office. People tried to jump him, he used a knife to stab at least three of them. They still have the knife. Suspects were located near the pool. They now attempt to (GARBLED) towards him again. (GARBLED)

14:34 Speaker 2: Approaching again now with ten suspects. Law enforcement is responding code 3.

15:11 Speaker 1: Advised there’s at least ten suspects. Mans(?) currently at his apartment building key papa apartment number 17. Trunk 2(?) I’m 26.

15:28 Speaker 3: District 1 message received I’m 61 to channel 1.

15:31 Speaker 1: We have the complainants front door(?)

15:35 (GARBLED)

15:39 Speaker 4: Can you (GARBLED) apartment number.

15:40 Speaker 1: 10-4 Key papa number 17.

15:50 Speaker 5: 958 Reference there is no available link papa at the polos so just gonna be building 9.

15:58 Speaker 1: Yeah verifying building 9 I guess that was a typo.

16:01 Speaker 2: Fifteen to Twenty bravo mikes and bravo foxtrots scattered. 10-97 building 9.

17:04 Speaker 2: We do have victims. (GARBLED) do not know where the the victim is I’m gonna make contact(GARBLED)

17:34 Speaker 3: Foxtrot 4 got one person stabbed here at the office.

17:51 Speaker 2: We have one stab victim at the front office. They’re still working on the victims at this time but the first one is at the front office with GPD.

17:57 Speaker 3: Message received has there been a report of multiple victims?

18:00 Speaker 2: There’s a report, the assault victim advised he stabbed three people. GPD is also advising there’s multiple knives on the group with blood on them. Unable to advise the total number of victims.

18:13 Speaker 3: Message received add tower 2 and another rescue to the call.

18:16 Speaker 2: To you with second rescue.

18:30 Speaker 1: 527 units responding I’m gonna go South one of you can continue and go up 35th Place.

18:45 Lifeline bot: Tower 2. Stabbing. 2330 Southwest Williston Road. Polo apartments. Operate on alpha 3. Tower 2. Stabbing. 2330 Southwest Williston Road. Polo apartments. Operate on alpha 3, 1756.

19:10 Lifeline Bot: Stabbing. 2330 Southwest Williston Road. Polo apartments. Operate on alpha 3 cc1. Stabbing. 2330 Southwest Williston Road. Polo apartments. Operate on alpha 3 1756.

19:28 Speaker 3: Running Westbound in the complex by building 18.

20:06 Speaker 3: 10-12 with three outside of building 18.

20:13 Speaker 1: 10-12 with three outside of building 18.

20:22 Speaker 2: Foxtrot 4 Gainesville there’s another subject who got stabbed at least twice when he was jailing(?)  he’s unaccounted for right now.

20:33 Speaker 1: I need another unit to apartment 917 with gloves.

20:37 Speaker 4: 958 I’m 51.

20:47 Speaker 3: District 1.

20:48: Speaker 2: District 1.

20:50 Speaker 3: 10-4 I have one juvenile patient has a minor laceration to the left arm.

20:54 Speaker 2: 10-4 Have one juvenile patient has a minor laceration to the left arm 1758.

21:16 Speaker 3: Delta 4 I need one to me on the Westside of building 18.

21:24 Speaker 1: (GARBLED) delta 4.

21:27 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) the other side on the 35th side.

21:43 Speaker 3: I’m on the Westside of building 18.

21:45 Speaker 1: Building 19.

21:50 Speaker 2: Contact with GPD on the other side of the complex.

22:00 Speaker 5: I need one additional officer at the main office which is off of Williston Road.

22:07 Speaker 1: Need another unit to the main office.

22:14 Speaker 3: Go ahead.

22:15 Speaker 2: Where do you need us at?

22:26 Speaker 3: If you’re coming off Williston Road just stay with engine 2 not sure if we’re gonna transport them first, the victim and we’ll figure out where the other one is.

22:31 Speaker 6: EMS here where are the victims?

23:20 Speaker 6: Sierra 527 to any units on scene if there’s any victims that are ambulatory if they can come to the area of the office and we can get them triaged.

23:38 Speaker 7: Alachua 61 on scene. 61 to CC1 where would you like us.

24:07 Speaker 3: Delta 4 do we have anymore units?

24:10 Speaker 7: Looks like GPD is trying to set up any ambulatory victims to go to the area of the front office and triage there.

23:14 Speaker 3: The area of, I’m not even sure what building that is.

24:21 Speaker 7: West past buildings 18 and 11. They’re about the edge of the complex. The juveniles were out with advised that they were the ones involved in the 22 foxtrot.

24:46 Speaker 8: (GARBLED) let’s see if we can pull some units from channel 2 to help with that.

25:09 Speaker 3: If we could possibly get units to the complex? The duplex(?) a little West of here. Lock that down. Possibly 40th Place as well.

25:31 Speaker 1: If any units could go West of the complex?

25:55 Speaker 6: (GARBLED) 10-75.

25:56 Speaker 1: 527.

25:58 Speaker 6: If you can please repeat that if there’s anyone that needs medical treatment that can come over to the area of the office by the pool I have ambulances and EMS personnel standing by.

26:16 Speaker 1: Any victims that are ambulatory need to be en route to the office in the pool area reference being triaged by EMS.

29:38 Speaker 4: Be advised one of the subjects who got stabbed in possibly walking to phoenix now.

29:49 Speaker 3 Delta 10 to bravo 2 were 51 to phoenix now.

30:00 Speaker 1: Sierra 527 if you’re able turn off the grill(?)

30:17 Speaker 8: 10-4 we’ll leave the pool spot open. The rest of the interior courtyard and office area gonna be blocked off.

30:57 Speaker 4: Whiskey 2 advising that the subject that got stabbed that lived in phoenix lived in the far back.

31:07 Speaker 2: We’re 97 in the back.

31:18 Speaker 4: Possibly was transported in a black Altima.

31:25 Speaker 1: I have a black Altima that’s by the front it’s gonna be the family members of one of the victims that were stabbed in the hand.

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