One Detained After Stabbing on Northwest 43rd Street

One Detained After Stabbing on Northwest 43rd Street

On February 22, at 4:22 pm, Gainesville Police Department (GPD) and Alachua Police Department (APD) officers responded to a man who was stabbed in the lower left abdomen on Northwest 43rd Street off of Newberry Road. 

According to the arrest report the victim was stopped in his vehicle going North at the traffic light on Northwest 43rd Street. Tyler Hess, 25, was riding his bicycle East and reportedly crashed into the side of his vehicle .

At this point the victim got out of his car to check on Hess' condition. Hess pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed him, saying "that's a death wish." The victim rushed into his vehicle and waited for police presence.

Hess was arrested close to the location of the crime, with officers detaining him at 4000 Newberry Road. He was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

One officer classified the stab wound as a laceration of about 1-2 inches, and remarked that the knife used was 6 inches long and black with a blue handle. The depth of the wound is not known. 

Hess reportedly made “spontaneous statements,” claiming he had a right to defend himself because he was struck by the vehicle.

Hess has a previous criminal record, with previous guilty adjunctions for carry a concealed weapon without a license and domestic battery.

Gainesville Police Audio

Source: Broadcastify

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(?): Audio is difficult to make out/uncertainty in what was said.

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Audio File: Feb 22 4:16 pm - 4:46 pm

Feb 22 416pm 446 pm

10:01 Lifeline Bot: Engine 4 Rescue 23. District 2 notification. Stabbing. Northwest (GARBLED) to Newberry Road. Operate on alpha 3. Engine 4 Rescue 23. District 2 notification. Stabbing. Northwest (GARBLED) to Newberry Road. Operate on alpha 3. 1623. 

11:17 Speaker 1: Sierra 335 notification signal 36 Northwest 43rd Street Newberry Road. Complainant advised there was a subject on the sidewalk that stabbed him in the abdomen. Complainant is in a gray Toyota Ford runner, the door is locked on the side of the roadway. The Suspect's a hotel mike with their hair slicked back on a bicycle. 

11:35 Speaker 2: Alachua to engine 21.

11:37 Speaker 3: Engine 21

11:40 Speaker 2: There any indication the scene is not secure?

11:45 Speaker 1: (GARBLED) suspect has tattoos on his face, a tight black shirt, all black clothing, leather pants, and their hair in a ponytail. 

11:55 Speaker 3: We transferred the caller to the Alachua Police Department (APD)  to get more information. They are responding but they have not advised us yet that the scene is secure. 

12:04 Speaker 1: Complainant has their flashers on. 

12:05 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) advised 10-30(?) you can cancel Jullian unit, I'll 10-14 on the subject. 

12:14 Speaker 1: Jullian 1 10-8. Started on signal 4 where he quote, 'tapped the person on the bike.' When he got to check out with the suspect to make sure he was okay, the suspect then stabbed him, driving a 6-7 inch hunting knife (GARBLED).

12:27 Speaker 2: Gainesville what was the (GARBLED) 

12:31 Speaker 1: Subject is supposed to be on the sidewalk (GARBLED) on his waist. And is a hotel mike, hair slicked back, wearing a black T shirt, tight leather pants, hair slicked back in a pony tail. 

12:45 Speaker 2: 10-12 complainant he's going 10-4. Waiting for fire to come in(?). Suspect is going Eastbound on Newberry Road. 

12:51 Speaker 1: 10-4 clear for fire to come in suspect going Eastbound on Newberry. 

12:54 Speaker 4: This is (GARBLED) rescue 23 district responding to a stabbing patient at Northwest 43rd Street Newberry road. Caller advised that a subject on the sidewalk stabbed him in the abdomen. Caller is in a Grey Toyota Ford runner with the doors locked on the side of the road. Suspect is a Hispanic male with flinch black hair on a bicycle.

13:14 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) georgia 10

13:15 Speaker 3: Bravo, the suspect is the same guy we dealt with before at the hospital. 

13:21 Speaker 2: It sounds like they're having (GARBLED) problems. 

13:22 Speaker 1: Law enforcement is on scene advising it is safe for fire rescue to come in and treat the patient. 1627

13:39 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) Southwest 34th Street. Have that unit post up there incase those guys touch down the back side of the station. 

16:28 Speaker 2: Whiskey 4 to (GARBLED) subject detained.  

16:31 Speaker 1: 10-4

16:34 Speaker 2: 10-12 with him right now. 

16:53 Speaker 1: 54 Whiskey 4 was just confirming subject was detained. 

17:38 Speaker 2: I'm good right now. I'm probably gonna need someone. He's gotta get transported and we gotta deal with this vehicle. 

18:23 Speaker 2: When we made contact with the subject he threw about a 6 inch bladed knife to the ground. Black knife blue handle. 

20:23 Speaker 5: I'm gonna go ahead and issue a trauma alert to Shands for a 73(?) year old man for a stab wound in his lower left abdomen. Currently bleeding right now. Got about a 1-2 inch laceration, unsure of how deep it went in. That's it. 

20:41 Speaker 3: Alachua engine 21

20:43 Speaker 2: Engine 21

20:44 Speaker 3: Tell EMS needed both units available(?) 

20:46 Speaker 6: EMS needed both units available at 1635. 

20:52 Speaker 1: Trauma alert to Shands 63(?) year old male in his lower abdomen, stabbing, 1-2 inches laceration unable to advise how deep.

21:01 Speaker 2: Whiskey 4 wheres gonna be trauma alert 

21:03 Speaker 7:  10-4 trauma alert

21:04 Speaker 4: Patients breathing conscious and he's talking. 

21:07 Speaker 7: 10-4. 

21:51 Speaker 2: Lank(?) do ya'll want FCU up there by you.

21:53 Speaker 3: It happened outside of the car. I'm going to go across the street and check if we have any crime scene, but I can take pictures of the damage to the vehicle from the bike in the area pictures of him. 10-4 He's making spontaneous statements that he got hit by a car and he has the right to defend himself. 

22:10 (GARBLED)

22:15 Speaker 2: Can you make sure CID has been notified and see if they want to come out? 

22:18 Speaker 7: 10-4, any CID units on this channel? 

22:22 Speaker 8: Victor 11-18.

22:24 Victor 11-18, are you 26 on this 36(?) 

22:29 Speaker 8: I just signed in, but I'll take a look. 

22:34 Speaker 1: 11-82, units 10-14

22:35 Speaker 2: Speaker 2: We're 10-4.

23:07 Speaker 1: C-23(?) is your primary issue to Shands.

23:33 Speaker 2: Alachua rescue 36.

23:32 Speaker 1: Rescue 36

23:38 Speaker 2: Place on the way clock at 15 please. 

23:37 Speaker 1: 15. 

26:04 Speaker 3: Hey Dustin and Ryan. Do we have any Witnesses or anything that need to be interviewed? 

26:30 Speaker 1: 10-4 Do we have any Witnesses that need to be interviewed? 

26:54 Speaker 2: If you can please find a unit to 10-19 collect a property truck to collect the suspect's bicycle.

27:44 Speaker 1: For reference to channel 112, can you get the property truck from the station, and the 51, to pick up the suspect's bicycle?

27:48 Speaker 2: 10 -4, I'll see if they're still in there.

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