Teenager Shot and Killed at Woodland Park Apartments

Teenager Shot and Killed at Woodland Park Apartments

Updated: Aug 19, 8:30 am

Updated: Sep 12, 4:55 pm

On Thursday, August 10, at 3:34 pm, GPD received reports of shots fired in the area of 1900 Southeast 4th Street.

Police arrived on the scene at Woodland Park apartments to find a juvenile victim who had been shot. The victim was transported to Shands, where he later died from his injuries.

Police responded by blocking off Southeast 19th Place and Southeast 1st Terrace.

Officers found shell casings at the scene of the crime. Police audio indicates the victim was shot near building 9. Police say they don't know if the teen was shot inside or outside of the building. GPD talked to witnesses at a nearby apartment.

A brief police audio transcription has been included.

Update: On Aug 17, D’Angelo Latrell Deed was arrested and charged with one count of murder and another count of robbery for his role in the shooting. According to GPD this is still an open investigation.

Update 2: As of September 12, 2023, this is still an open investigation. A statement from the clerk of court was received from GPD records.

"Releasing information contained in the mittimus would be detrimental to this investigation.  The investigation in this case is ongoing, and disclosure of the information contained in the mittimus would compromise the investigation."

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Keep in mind a lot of this audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. I've put in codes to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but have doubts.

2.  A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. I’ve done my best to match all the voices to numbers but do keep in mind the numbers associated with the speakers may be incorrect at times.

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this shooting has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

Audio File: 3:34 pm -4:04 pm

334 pm 404 pm

1:00 Lifeline Bot: Squad 1. Rescue 31. District 1 notification. Shooting. Southeast 1st Terrace and Southeast Williston Road. Stage for law enforcement. Operate on Alpha 3. Squad 1. Rescue 31. District 1 notification. Shooting. Southeast 1st Terrace and Southeast Williston Road. Stage for law enforcement. Operate on Alpha 3 1533.

1:38 Speaker 1: Just coming in advising one person is injured. (GARBLED) still coming with no more information. I’ll update you as we get it.

1:52 Speaker 2: Squad 1. Rescue 31. District 1 responding.

2:10 Speaker 3: Squad 1 can you send me 51 my computer is having issues.

2:14 Speaker 2: 10-4 showing to 51(?)

2:30 Speaker 1: To the units responding in the area we have no additional information we’re trying to make contact with who the victims is and who the shooter is.

2:50 Speaker 4: 97, I don’t see anything. The victim supposed to be here?

2:53 Speaker 1: We don’t have that 43 yet.

4:13 Speaker 3: Someone divert one of those units to Shands in case they scooped the victim up(?)

4:22 Speaker 1: 10-26 unit responding to Shands advised.

4:24 Speaker 3: Alpha 1 reference 1. I’m close to Shands, I’ll be there.

6:55 Speaker 4: I’m standing by with several witnesses, they said he’s West of Southeast 19th Place.

7:02 Speaker 5: Member 1 priority. Apartment number 9. Woodland Park Apartments.

7:08 Speaker 4: Gainesville were on the wood line have EMS in route, EMS in route.

7:14 Speaker 5: Adult male, one gunshot wound. (GARBLED) The scene is secure have EMS come in first entry. (GARBLED)

7:56 Speaker 1: What building is associated with apartment 9?

8:01 Speaker 5: Still got a conscious and breathing male.

8:04 Speaker 1: Building number at Woodland park, we got apartment 9 what’s the building?

8:06 Speaker 5: Oh building, number 9.

8:11 (GARBLED)

8:14 Speaker 1: Were getting him in.

8:16 Speaker 5: EMS is 97.

8:24 Speaker 3: Julia 1 block of traffic northbound.

8:50 Speaker 1: Channel is blocking off Northbound traffic advised.

9:03 Speaker 5: Hey guys I want this entire complex from the front blocked off and establish where the crime scene happened at.

9:12 Speaker 3: Was there supposed to be a caller to meet me here?

9:19 Speaker 2: Were waiting in the area in a gray Toyota Prius.

9:32 Speaker 5: (GARBLED) grab some witnesses. Try and get some 43, get some suspects.

9:44 Speaker 5: (GARBLED)

10:25 Speaker 3: Alachua district 1 trauma alert to Shands. Delta 4 Foxtrot 1.

10:55 Speaker 2: 1

10:57 Speaker 5: 10-4

11:06 Speaker 2: Go ahead.

11:11 Speaker 6: Gainesville we still have a conscious and breathing male being transported. Here’s all the following. Witness gave name (GARBLED)

11:28 Speaker 2: Victim or the suspect.

11:34 Speaker 6: Victim.

11:42 Speaker 3: District 1.

11:45 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) to Shands 1544.

12:18 Speaker 6: 6-60 just an update we’ve found two shell casings, no suspect description, no suspect information at this time.

12:29 Speaker 1: 10-4

12:32 Speaker 3: (GARBLED) to Shands.

13:26 Speaker 5: (GARBLED) blocked off. 19th Place and 4th Street

13:33 Speaker 1: 19th Place 4th Street.

13:37 Speaker 6: Blocking 19th Place and 1st Terrace.

13:43 Speaker 1: 19th Place 1st Terrace

13:46 Speaker 6: A unit, can you 56 me the crime scene location we’re gonna need that intersection blocked off we need you down here.

13:53 Speaker 5: 10-4.

14:36 Speaker 6: Can you get the IB so far(?) May have been a location, it’s gonna be behind apartment number 11. 10-4.

14:42 Speaker 2: 10-4.

14:55 Speaker 6: We have a couple witnesses up in apartment number 15. 10-4.

15:05 Speaker 1: 10-4 a couple witnesses in apartment number 15. Notify (GARBLED) to respond.

15:25 (GARBLED) (Conversation Between Multiple Speakers)

18:09 Speaker 6: We got Southbound traffic blocked. Do you need Northbound traffic blocked or are you pretty confident you got that crime scene established back there? I think we have our crime scene. I think we’ve already canvased. You can clear the roadblocks.

12:34 Speaker 5: Just confirming we’re still unable to identify our victim.

23:40 Speaker 6: Yeah that’s 10-4. So far no notification on the victim.

23:55 Speaker 5: 876 Reference if need be if one of y’all could take photo of his face and text or email it to me.

25:34 Speaker 6: Victim’s brother might be 51 to the hospital. Black male with dreads. If he comes up there (GARBLED)

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