Adult Male Attempts to Shoot His Mother in Duval Heights

Adult Male Attempts to Shoot His Mother in Duval Heights

On September 16, at approximately 7:48 am, an adult male shot at his Mother as she was backing out of her driveway in Duval Heights neighborhood. The shooter was allegedly in an argument with his Mother before trying to kill her as she was leaving. The victim was not injured according to the Facebook post by GPD.

Police audio indicates the shooter may have also been in an argument with his Father before firing shots. One caller suggested they heard five shots go off.

GPD also responded by blocking off Newberry Road and the intersection at 62nd and Newberry

The suspect was described as a Black man with a heavy build and tattoos, wearing a black shirt and shorts. After the Mom left, he remained in the home with his teenage brother. Eventually, officers spotted them on the porch before detaining both of them.

Update: GPD has confirmed they arrested Brandon D. Holsey, 33, for the attempted killing of his Mother. He was charged with attempted homicide.

Hosley arrest report pg 1
Hosley arrest report pg 2

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Keep in mind a lot of this audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. I've put in codes to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but have doubts.

2.  A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. I’ve done my best to match all the voices to numbers but do keep in mind the numbers associated with the speakers may be incorrect at times

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this shooting has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

741 am 811 am

10:32 Speaker 1: All units, GPD channel is 1 10-33. GPD channel 1 10-33 reference a 22 alpha 1536 Ne 6th ave domestic. Any unit that can be 10-51 to area for notification. All units un-involved move to 2. 1150 hours.

10:49 Speaker 2: I heard the shots fired from the station. I think I'm 51.

10:55 Speaker 3: 797 reference. I thought I heard multiple gunshots from the station coming from that direction. They were very far away.

11:12 Speaker 1: 10-4.


11:18 Speaker 1: Signal 22 alpha 1536 Ne 8th avenue. Complainant advised her 33 year old son just came home and shot at them. Complainants taking a 10-8 however, left the 16 year old and 25 year old 97 at the residence. Suspects a bravo mike, heavy build, dark skin, and tattoos. Wearing a black shirt and shorts. The suspects gonna be Brandon Holsey. Now the brother is calling in as well.

12:12 Speaker 2: What I heard with the gunshots there was three of them.

12:52 Speaker 1: First complainants advising subject was with his girlfriend and a 22 when the father of the subject tried to get him out of the vehicle and the subject then shot at them. Possibly signal 19 or signal 18.

13:03 Speaker 3: Do we know if they're still on scene?

13:06 Speaker 1: The brother whose calling in advised when the subject was last seen in the living room.

13:14 Speaker 4: Do we have a description of the suspect's vehicle?

13:16 Speaker 2: Where's the mom at?

13:26 Speaker 1: Stand by multiple callers. Moms at 8th and Waldo.

13:32 Speaker 4: Do we have a description of the suspect's vehicle?

13:34 Speaker 1: 54.

13:42 Speaker 5: 22 alpha. We got a report of a signal 45 of 101 Se 1st avenue. Caller reported what sounded like five gunshots. At approximately 7:48 this morning. Said it possibly sounded like a pistol but they didn't see anything. Unable to advise if it's related to the 22 alpha but the timing is identical. Be advised the complainant of the signal 45 does not want contact.

14:06 Speaker 1: 10-4 for 43 the brother is advising that Holsey advised he was going to signal 5 his child's mother and her boyfriend.

14:13 Speaker 2: Is the mom still in the house?

14:16 Speaker 1: 54. Mom is at 8th and Waldo.

14:18 Speaker 2: Baby mom or whatever.

14:19 Speaker 1: Find out exactly where she is.

14:32 Speaker 6: (GARBLED) 8th and Waldo I'm there now.

14:47 Speaker 1: Any units advised are 10-12 with the mom's car(?)

14:48 Speaker 6: 54 I'm in the area where is 8th and Waldo.

14:55 Speaker 1: She's supposed to be at 8th and Waldo in a white Dodge truck. White

Dodge Ram.

14:58 Speaker 6: 10-4 I'll be 10-12 at the (GARBLED).

15:01 Speaker 1: 10-4.

15:07 Speaker 4: Whoever is coming here driving to the LOI( Location of Interest) stop just North of us please, or West of us.

15:15 Speaker 3: That's me I'm gonna pass the basketball court (GARBLED).

15:17 Speaker 1: Suspect is still supposed to be inside the residence. He's a 15 year old (GARBLED) inside. Girlfriend is supposed to have taken a 10-8 for mom. When the complainant left the female also left.

15:28 Speaker 4: Gainesville if we still have contact with somebody inside the house. Have them start coming out slowly.

15:35 Speaker 3: Hey (GARBLED) who do you have down there for your contact team?

15:38 Speaker 4: Gainesville looks like he's out on the armed disturbance.


16:02 Speaker 7: Were where the cross-fire in Western direction 10-4.


16:19 Speaker 7: Hey guys the units on scene it's gonna be (GARBLED) our residence is gonna be on the Southside of the road on the intersection of 16th Street.

16:58 Speaker 7: Hey it's gonna be on you and that contact team down there if you wanna start tryna see if we can do something to have contact inside that residence. See if we can get somebody to come out.

17:07 Speaker 3: Well where we at were gonna try and get behind this black car so we get some cover.

17:16 Speaker 8: Any of the four of you with mom see if the mom has the number of the son who shot at her so we can possibly get in contact with him or the 15 year old still inside.

17:28 Speaker 3: Gainesville can you confirm the address again.

17:30 Speaker 5: To traffic. Theres two people on the front porch. The white house with the white mailbox on the North side of the road.

17:43 Speaker 1: 10-4 being advised that the 15 year old is at 639 (GARBLED).

18:06 Speaker 6: The suitor name is gonna be Brandon and the phone number is 386340(GARBLED)

18:13 Speaker 1: 10-4 (GARBLED) phone number 386340(GARBLED).

18:24 I'm gonna be coped(?) with a signal 4 with roadblock at 1600(?) W Newberry ASO (GARBLED) ASAP reference the unit 10-8 also gonna be code for that.

18:37 Speaker 3: (GARBLED) cause of that 22 alpha.

18:42 Speaker 1: Yeah they're aware. Also code for the 10-45(?) at 101 Se 1st avenue that I followed out unable to advise if it's related to the 22 alpha but the timing on it is identical reference the distance. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

18:59 Speaker 4: Okay who's gonna be making contact by phone?

19:04 Speaker 3: Well there's two subjects outside if we're gonna start making commands and have them come approach us on the East side.

19:11 Speaker 4: 26. Becky, I hear what you're saying. I do have visual as well. I need to know who's gonna be making contact if it's gonna be Mesa that's who I need to hear from.

19:21 Speaker 3: 10-4 I'll look at it.

19:52 Speaker 1: Be in route to that (GARBLED) roadblocks, just complete roadblock on Newberry road ASO is on scene but they need assistance or need us to come take are call I believe their willing to assist us but be advised it is complete roadblock.

21:23 Speaker 3: 10-4 from 2300 North Main.

21:24 Speaker 1: 10-4 they're saying the intersection at 62nd and Newberry road is totally blocked as well as Newberry Road being totally blocked.

21:32 Speaker 6: 51 from Depot ave.

21:34 Speaker 1: 10-4.

22:10 Speaker 4: Gainesville we’re detaining one subject, we still have one subject on the porch.

22:15 Speaker 1: 10-4 one subject detained.

22:17 Speaker 4: I don't see anybody else outside. Everybody just hold your traffic real quick while we (GARBLED) go from here.

22:25 Speaker 3: Mesa we're 26.

22:28 Speaker 5: Gainesville whiskey 4.

22:29 Speaker 3: Go ahead.

22:30 Speaker 5: Can you (GARBLED) signal 4(?) with roadblock complete roadblock at 6200 West Newberry Road.

22:40 Speaker 3: So the second male sitting on the front porch I have cover on him

22:45 Speaker 7: For everyone's 43 he had a holster without a weapon. Claiming the signal 0 is inside the house.

22:57 Speaker 3: Becky what is his brother's name?

22:59 Speaker 7: Working on a debrief. Initial info is that there's one inside, we're trying to confirm. One inside possibly signal 0 inside mother's room.

23:10 Speaker 4: We have visual on the other subject that is outside. Bobby has him on cover. We're waiting on the intel, once we get the intel we'll go on your command Mesa and have the other person extracted.

23:24 Speaker 6: Alright his brother's name is Darius, we don't see him so your side is gonna have to give the commands and have him come up to your side because we don't see anybody from this angle.

23:34 Speaker 3: 97 I'll take care of that he's sitting on the front porch with his cell phone in his right hand. You guys ready for me to start bringing him out to you.

23:44 Speaker 6: Yeah Bobby it's on you.

23:59 Speaker 3: Can you guys see him now take over commands from there?

24:01 Speaker 7: He got something in his right pocket.

24:44 Speaker 4: Gainesville we're detaining the second subject so far. We're gonna debrief that subject and determine if there's anybody else in the house. Then we'll clear the house that's 10-4.

25:25 Speaker 4: Mesa it's gonna be on your team of guys. Whenever you guys are debriefing let me know and you can find former contact team to approach the residence.

25:37 Speaker 7: Hey he's saying the signal 0 is right there in the front yard.

25:39 Speaker 6: Bobby do you have a sheild by on you by any chance?

25:44 Speaker 3: I do not.

25:49 Speaker 4: Everybody hold tight, we're gonna grab a sheild and start working our way to the house.

26:00 Speaker 6: According to the one we just detained, there's a 16 year old sister in the house we're gonna try to call her by phone and let her come out.

26:32 Speaker 8: Reference family she is not in the house she went down the back door to a neighbor's house so she should not be in the house. Mom is now texting her to confirm. (GARBLED).

26:45 Speaker 1: We now have the 16 year old who was on the phone that the 16 year old was at the 639 terrace.

26:55 Speaker 3: There should be nobody else inside the house. We're gonna wait for the shield and go from there.

27:02 Speaker 3: 97 the area and 54 incomplete roadblock. 51(?) Eastbound lane appears to be blocked.

27:17 Speaker 6: Is there any sheild I can grab at the station and bring you guys or is somebody coming here to get one?

27:21 Speaker 3: No Owen had one grabbing it from squad right now.

28:15 Speaker 7: Stewart and (GARBLED) we're gonna move up to the house to clear.

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