Man Sustains Three Gunshot Wounds Near Archstone Luxury Apartments

Man Sustains Three Gunshot Wounds Near Archstone Luxury Apartments

Updated: July 5, 2023

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

In the early morning of June 17th at approximately 3:16 am, a Gainesville police officer shouted through his radio that shots were fired.

The male victim was sitting in his car at Archstone Luxury apartments on Southwest 12th Street when the suspect shot at him. A witness reported that the shooter shot the victim from a vehicle, causing the victim to crash his car. The victim then proceeded to exit his vehicle in an attempt to flee the scene by foot.

The victim sustained three gunshot injuries: one graze to the forehead, one shot to the left hand, and another shot to the left pinky finger. Police responded to the shooting by blocking off 1st Avenue and Alligator Alley in order to check vehicles coming in and out of the area. Police later got a call from a resident at Archstone apartments saying they saw someone run behind a car and drive off. A vehicle description was not provided.

The Gainesville Police Department has not yet made any announcements regarding this incident and it is currently unknown if any arrests have been made. When an update is retrieved it will be posted to this page.

Update: On July 5 an incident report from this crime was retrieved. The report reveals there were two victims involved, not one. The property section includes a 9mm handgun indicating the weapon used. The status of the case is open.

Update 2: On Sep 12, 2023, the same incident report was retrieved again in order to check the status of this case. It is still an open investigation. GPD did not make any announcements regarding this incident.

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Some audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. Codes have been put in to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but there are doubts.

2.  A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. Speakers have been associated with numbers, however, they may be incorrect at times. 

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this shooting has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

306 am 336 am

10:55 Speaker 1: (Loudly) Shots fired, shots, fired.

11:11 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) Channel 2

11:14 Speaker 3: That's the shooting(?), the apartments, it's behind kava. I got one running, I got my rifle.

11:23 Speaker 1: Where you running?

11:51 Speaker 4: Juliette 5 on 6-1(?) (LOUD)(GARBLED) victim. One got shot send EMS.

12:02 Speaker 2: 10-4, where ya at?

12:05 Speaker 5: We're gonna be one block South of 12th off University behind-(Cutoff).

12:09 Hey you see, that's where the shooter(?)

12:12 (GARBLED)

12:42 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) 51 channel 1.

12:50 (GARBLED)

12:58 Speaker 6: Alright we're gonna be South University on (GARBLED)

13:04 Speaker 1: Route to University on 12th.

13:17 Speaker 2: (GARBLED) for this individual.

13:42 Speaker 4: Bravo 2 we got a car signal 4, copy that. Kilo foxtrot 9869 (GARBLED)

13:48 Speaker 1: 10-4 confirm is it portage (GARBLED)

13:55 Speaker 4: this a temporary tag.

14:01 Speaker 2: Oscar 6 there's gonna be gunshots through a car.

14:08 Speaker 7: Rescue 31 call is still timed at 0319 hours.

14:17 Speaker 6: Where you at on the car(?)

14:22 Lifeline Bot: Shooting 1000 West Univ-(cutoff)

14:24 Speaker 1: Alley, we're gonna need units on 1st ave block 12th Street and 10th Street, no one needs to come to 1st Ave at all from 12th to 10th Street.

14:36 Speaker 4: Bravo 2 I got one 223 round right here.

14:57 Speaker 1: Bravo 2 reference at 10-28 (GARBLED) Black 2017 Chevy four door

15:16 Speaker 3: Message received, they were on

15:23 Speaker 1: Juliette 2 have EMS come North on 12th Street from 1st or 3rd avenue.

15:33 Speaker 2: 1st ave is blocked off they'll come from 3rd. (GARBLED)

15:38 Speaker 5: If we have anyone else can we block off Alligator alley kinda right in 1100 block.

15:52 Speaker 6: On scene requesting EMS there advising EMS to come in North from 3rd avenue, there going to be just South of University on Southwest 12th Street. Again you're responding to 1200 block on West University Avenue. Coming in from the North from 3rd avenue and is with the victim applying a trauma kit, we also have a vehicle accident nearby.

16:33 Speaker 5: 10-4 I cleared the 10-50 whiskey.

16:55 Speaker 1: Just for 10-43 we got a 2012 where subjects were mad at each other, while shooting at-(cutoff). Advised she saw gun fire, suspect vehicle was shooting at a black Sedan and the black Sedan wrecked, driver jumped out and ran. Two Bravo Mikes that ran.

17:27 Speaker 3: Message received, squad 1 confirmed en route.

17:31 (GARBLED)

17:35 Speaker 3: 902 to Paul. Does your victim, the driver, have a black Impala?

17:48 Speaker 2: That's correct he just told us he was driving a black Impala.

18:05 Speaker 7: Alachua rescue 36

18:06 Speaker 4: 36

18:07 Speaker 2: Signal 4

18:14 Speaker 1: At 1100 Southwest 1st ave.

18:21 Speaker 3: We're to South of

18:26 Speaker 5: 10-45 Oscar 6, you need tape?

18:32 Speaker 1: 10-4 if you've got it, appreciate it.

18:40 (GARBLED)

18:56 Speaker 4: Mike 2 10-14

19:00 Speaker 1: Mike 2 10-4 I'm 51 up to Shands

19:09 Speaker 2: I'm taping off some of the West out here then I'll be 51 to you.

19:14 Speaker 1: Check for the vehicles to get out from Alligator Alley as they have to go West from this area, all of 1st ave to South of Alligator Alley is basically a crime scene.

19:31 Speaker 2: Confirm with GPD where they're at

19:42 Speaker 3: Bravo 2

19:50 Speaker 2: Correction Juliette 2

19:51 Speaker 1: Julliette 2

19:52 Speaker 2: EMS wants you to confirm your location

20:04 Speaker 1: Minor graze on the left forehead and shot to left pinky finger and hand.

20:22 Speaker 2: And confirm the graze was to his left hand.

20:24 Speaker 1: He got shot in the left hand, and the graze was to his left forehead.

20:32 Speaker 2: Can you confirm(?) (GARBLED)

20:37 Speaker 4: It's gonna be the 1200 block of West University Avenue, there's a minor graze on left forehead and a shot to the left pinky and hand

20:46 Speaker 1: Does anybody have a suspect vehicle description, there's somebody else checking the cameras.

21:00 Speaker 2: Oscar 6 I don't think we have anything on the scene here that
(GARBLED) is probably our best bet. (GARBLED) victim saw the vehicle.

21:17 Speaker 1: Does not know the vehicle he just focused on the gun as it was being pointed at him.

21:45 Speaker 2: Charlie 2 ID 11-20

21:53 Speaker 1: 10-4 go ahead

21:54 Speaker 2: (GARBLED)

22:29 Speaker 2: Just for your 10-43 we also received a call from 1116 Southwest 1st ave Archstone apartments that said (GARBLED) run behind a car, did see the car drive off, vehicle description.

22:57 Speaker 4: (GARBLED)

23:02 Speaker 2: I'm sorry time of what

23:04 Speaker 4: (GARBLED)

23:14 Speaker 2: That's 10-4 318

23:33 Speaker 2: Hotel 6 to Oscar 6, are you still wanting Alligator alley blocked off so nobody can get out.

23:37 Speaker 1: We have crime scene tape here that probably should do it if you're needed somewhere else.

23:42 Speaker 2: I got people leaving from behind (GARBLED) so you want these people not to leave or you want me to walk off or what, car just that was blocking it

23:55 Speaker 1: They all gotta go Eastbound, don't send anybody West. Suspect description of the one you were chasing please.

24:24 Speaker 3: The person I was chasing was obviously the victim cause that's the one you guys have at I think 1100.

24:33 Speaker 1: So you're confirming that the one you were chasing is the one I stopped.

24:37 Speaker 3: That's 10-4

25:21 Speaker 1: Oscar six Julliette 2 What kind of shoes did your guy have?

25:26 Speaker 5: White Air forces.

25:27 Speaker 1: Was he missing the right one?

25:52 Speaker 5: 10-45(?) Oscar 6

25:54 Speaker 1: Go ahead.

25:56 Speaker 5: (GARBLED)

26:08 Speaker 1: Uniform 6 is gonna start one.

26:34 Speaker 4: Rescue 36 Alachua (GARBLED)

27:05 Speaker 7: Foxtrot 6 10-14. Foxtrot 6 10-14

27:33 Speaker 2: 54-14

28:08 Speaker 1: Julliette 2

28:09 Speaker 2: Juliette 2

28:11 Speaker 1: If we haven't already can we check with the other local medical facilities and see if they've gotten any GSW's (gunshot wounds)

28:33 Speaker 3: Bravo 2 also if we haven't already you can notify FCU and also 100 Sectors as well.

28:48 Speaker 4: 8-30 we'll make this phone call.

29:15 Speaker 2: Lima 830(?) the FCU has been detected

29:40 Lifeline Bot: Rescue 2 Engine 81, overdose poisoning

29:52 Juliet 2 I'm running the back of the EMS unit to the hospital.

30:50 Speaker 7: Be advised one transported (GARBLED)

30:58 Speaker 4: One transported (GARBLED)

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