Shooting Victim Helped By Atlas Screen Printing Employees

Shooting Victim Helped By Atlas Screen Printing Employees
The area of the shooting

On January 24, at 7:45 am, Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officers responded to calls about a shooting near Atlas Screen Printing after a man robbed and shot a woman because he wanted her dog.

According to Warehouse Supervisor Connie Mounir, the victim told her she was walking her dog when the shooter went up to talk to her. After a brief conversation, he asked for her dog, and she declined. 

While walking around the building, she encountered the shooter again, who forcefully attempted to take the dog, shooting at her twice and hitting her once in the shin. Mounir said the bullet appeared to go straight through. He took her bags before fleeing the scene. 

The woman was reportedly dragged near the bay doors of Atlas Screen Printing by her dog. After crawling to the entrance, she was helped by employees who started ripping up shirts to create a tourniquet for her. Mounir asked the woman questions about herself and what happened to keep her from passing out and to get the information to GPD. 

The victim told Mounir and responding officers that the suspect was a Black man between 16 and 22 years of age. He was reportedly riding a bike and wearing dark jeans, an orange reflector jacket, and a black ski mask. 

Mounir stated that Atlas’ staff did not know the woman personally but knew who she was since she walked her dog around the area every day. 

After being asked if anything could be done about Gainesville’s shooting problem, Mounir shared a similar sentiment with many Gainesville residents. 

“No. There really isn't... We have to make some changes—major changes—in how we do things, how we prosecute people, all of that, so, until we really crack down, I don't see it getting any better.”

As of this writing, no arrests have been made. 


Jack Walden

Jack Walden

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