Two Dead and One Injured in Shooting Near University of Florida Campus

Two Dead and One Injured in Shooting Near University of Florida Campus

Updated: Aug 1, 12:17 pm

In the early morning of July 30th, at 2:42 am, shots were fired in the area of 900 W University Avenue while GPD was conducting crowd control. There were three victims in total, with two deaths and one injury. The injured victim was transported to Shands. Police responded by locking down West University Avenue from 8th Street to 10th Street

Police audio indicates one victim was found in front of Bodytech Tattooing & Piercing.

Another victim was found in front of Checkers, with a gunshot wound to the head. He was still alive by the time police arrived.

One officer requested a blanket over police radio to cover up a body.

A brief audio transcription has been included.

Update: GPD has made one arrest in this shooting and determined one person was responsible for the three victims. Ja'zier Myers was arrested and charged with two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide.

GPD reported that Myers was walking behind a victim on the sidewalk in front of Body Tech Tattoos when he shot him. Myers then allegedly went to Checkers and shot two people unprovoked. Afterward, Myers reportedly attempted to conceal himself in a parked vehicle before being confronted by the owner who alerted arriving officers. Officer Velasquez then reportedly challenged the suspect before he dropped his gun and was arrested.

Myers was later found on surveillance video holding a firearm at the scene of the first shooting. Myers was also seen on video standing at the scene of the second shooting. Myers identified himself in both videos.

GPD additionally confirmed in their update, one of the victims is alive. As of the news releases' writing, he is in stable condition and expected to live.

GPD Audio:

Source: Broadcastify

1. Keep in mind a lot of this audio quality is poor and there may be mistakes. I've put in codes to flag possible inaccuracies:

(GARBLED): I cannot make the audio out.

(?): I have an idea of what they're saying but have doubts.

2. A lot of audio contains police code. Police code will be marked in bold.

3. I’ve done my best to match all the voices to numbers but do keep in mind the numbers associated with the speakers may be incorrect at times.

Disclaimer: Audio that references incidents other than this shooting has not been transcribed and is disregarded from this transcript.

Audio File: 2:36 am - 3:06 am

236 am 306 am

7:06 Speaker 1: 527, Shots fired, shots fired (GARBLED) West University Avenue.

7:14 (GARBLED)

7:24 Speaker 1: There’s a suspect down at the beginning, at the front of Checkers.

7:28 Speaker 2: Suspect down in front of checkers.

7:33 Speaker 3: 27-61-97 The suspect.

7:48 Speaker 1: Engine 24 confirm response.

7:50 Speaker 3: Several shots, we’re gonna need EMS.

8:01 Speaker 1: (GARBLED) The suspect went Northbound on Northwest (GARBLED) I don’t know where he went.

8:08 Speaker 2: The description?

8:12 Speaker 1: I know it was like two to four bravo mikes.

8:37 Lifeline Bot: Quint 1. Rescue 28. District 1 notification. Shooting. West University Avenue and Northwest 9th Street. Operate on alpha 3. Quint 1. Rescue 28. District 1 notification.

8:48 Speaker 1: Gonna need you to lock down University Ave.

8:54 Speaker 2: Lockdown University Ave.

8:57 Speaker 1: November 2 I got another victim in front of Body tech. Looks like a signal 7.

9:05 Speaker 2: Responding from the (GARBLED)

9:09 Speaker 1: Bravo Mike.

9:18 Speaker 3: Headed Westbound, blue jersey, bravo mike.

9:22 Speaker 4: Where?

9:24 Speaker 3: 900 West he’s running with a blue jersey. (Loud scream before being cutoff)

10:00 Speaker 1: GPD we’re gonna need a little bit of (GARBLED) lockdown University Avenue from 8th and also to 10th Street. Bravo mike blue jersey headed Northbound.

10:13 Speaker 5: I need traffic, I need traffic. I’m in the back and he is in the Porsche(?) (GARBLED) One shirt with the Porsche(?)

10:35 Lifeline Bot: Engine 23. Shooting. West University Avenue.

10:37 Speaker 5: I’m at the car with the (GARBLED)

10:40 Speaker 2: Where are you?

10:59 Speaker 5: Come back here. (GARBLED) Yo, I’m behind Checkers. Behind Checkers.

11:05 Speaker 2: Okay we’re coming.

11:18 Speaker 6: Gunshot wound to the head, he’s still alive.

11:22 Speaker 1: West University Avenue.

11:24 Speaker 2: Where are you?

11:28 Speaker 5: It will be, if you look behind you, I’m behind you.

11:33 Speaker 6: Do you have the perimeter? We need the perimeter.

11:42 Speaker 1: Guys we have no suspects(?) the one with the blue jersey (GARBLED) South of 8th Street and 1st Ave South Westwards of (GARBLED) Bravo mike blue jersey.

12:03 Speaker 4: LP, LP I’m behind you, with possible suspect.

12:14 Speaker 1: 10-77 (GARBLED)

12:18 Speaker 1: Where are you at?

12:30 (GARBLED)

12:51 Speaker 1: Bravo mike wearing all black.

12:55 Speaker 4: 10-65 tag on the possible vehicle. I have somebody sending me that.

13:03 Speaker 5: Suspect was throwing something in his car(?) (GARBLED)

13:25 Multiple voices (GARBLED)

13:41 Speaker 7: Everyone, take a deep breath, do we have the suspect, and are we treating the victim?

13:52 Speaker 4: I have a suspect. I have a witness saying that they saw him with a firearm. When I pulled in I saw him put the firearm where I’m standing right now.

14:11 Speaker 5: I believe we have multiple suspects based on how the victims are spread out.

14:17 Speaker 6: Is someone with Povis(?)

14:22 Speaker 8: Send me University Avenue and Main (GARBLED) One signal 7 at 800 block. We’re headed to the second victim at 700 block.

14:36 Speaker 3: We have a victim they called a rescue for on channel 2.

14:40 Speaker 4: The second victim?

14:45 Speaker 3: EMS(?) is in route to them correct.

14:50 Speaker 4: 10-4

14:54 Speaker 2: Do we have outstanding what direction are we looking?

14:59 (GARBLED)

15:02 Speaker 4: Body-tech.

15:10 Lifeline Bot: Quint 1. Shooting. West University Avenue and Northwest 9th Street. Operate on alpha 3. Quint 1. Shooting. West University Avenue and Northwest 9th Street. Operate on alpha 3. 250.

15:32 Speaker 4: Rescue 33 reporting to command from scene.

15:38 Speaker 1: Juliet 3 does anyone on channel 2 have crime scene tape? Can they bring it to 800 West.

15:48 Speaker 3: Got ambulances coming in.

15:54 Speaker 1: 43 just arrived we have 23.

16:02 Speaker 3: Tell me we have suspects outstanding.

16:07 Speaker 8: 10-4 we have one suspect who ran Southbound from the Checkers in between I wanna say Southwest 8th Street and 9th.

16:18 Speaker 5: 11-62. 12,000 and I made contact with four bravo mikes. They were walking Southbound on 8th Street. North of University Avenue. One ran South wearing all black, another one in a white shirt, the blue jersey ran off with that group. The male that ran from is a bravo mike about six feet, 200 pounds wearing all black.

16:45 Speaker 3: GPS see if we’re tracking

16:48 Speaker 8: Units coming in set up perimeter South while we figure this out.

16:53 Speaker 4: We’re gonna need a (GARBLED) because Sergeant Postal saw him maybe at the 4th Ave Southwest 4th Ave. So we’re gonna need to go a bit further down.

17:10 Speaker 1: Requesting a unit to respond to 9th and University. Is there a unit in route or on scene there?

17:19 Speaker 3: Four(?) You’re unreadable.

17:24 Speaker 9: This is export to Alachua. If you could release all responding units.

17:36 Speaker 5: West University Avenue is gonna be blocked off both ways. Do you have the people you’ll need with you?

17:43 Speaker 1: 8th to 10th on West University Avenue.

17:50 Speaker 5: Do you need more to you?

18:11 Speaker 3: Alachua engine 4

18:15 (Conversion between two speakers.)(GARBLED)

18:50 Speaker 3: Rescue 23 University avenue come in.

18:53 Speaker 10: Go ahead.

18:57 Speaker 3: Your patients gonna be right in front of Checkers gonna be an adult male with gunshot wound to the head.

19:04 Speaker 10: Copy we’re about 5 minutes out. Alachua engine 36.

19:31 Speaker 3: We’re evaluating, conscious female cancel engine 24

19:37 Speaker 2: Evaluating conscious female patient cancel engine 24 that’s 254.

20:30 Speaker 3: Hey guys I have someone wearing a white shirt. Did he have on checkered shorts?

20:38 Where are you?

20:40 Speaker 3: 800 Southwest 9th Street.

20:56 Speaker 11: I’m gonna need a blanket down here to cover the signal 7 and I need some tape.

21:07 Speaker 1: 10-4 copy you need a blanket and caution tape.

21:14 Speaker 3: Alpha 3 I’m on with some tape.

21:21 Speaker 8: Bravo mike who jumped over that fence right in front of Checkers who was seen running away South.

21:36 Speaker 1: Come in. (GARBLED) message received 33 transporting first patient

21:58 Speaker 9: Rescue 23 were pulling up on scene.

22:02 Speaker 3: 43 signal 33 is turned(?) we’ll pull up here.

22:07 Speaker 8: Got it.

22:17 Speaker 1: Come in. Come in from Alachua.

22:28 Speaker 9: University Avenue come in.

22:31 Speaker 1: GPD is requesting a blanket reference that (GARBLED)

22:52 Speaker 1: Sierra 527.

22:54 Speaker 4: Sierra 527.

22:57 Speaker 1: Need at least one unit to go to Shands. See rescue(?)

23:07 Speaker 1: Any double unit can go to Shands(?)

23:15 Speaker 4: GARBLED) GPD stand by we’ll be able to get a unit there.

23:18 Speaker 1: 10-4

23:35 (Conversation between two speakers) (GARBLED)

23:59 Speaker 2: Alpha 3 were 10-77 on 9th Street we don’t need anybody else over here.

25:48 Speaker 3: (GARBLED) On the victim 28.

27:04 Speaker 1: Message delivered to Shands traumatic (GARBLED)

27:09 Speaker 3: University Avenue come in. Message received.

29:40 Speaker 3 University Avenue come in.

29:42 Speaker 1: University Avenue come in

29:44 Speaker 3: 23s’ go the second trauma alert loaded with two crew members. (GARBLED)

30:39 Speaker 3: 34. Hospital time-note 0305.

30:59 Speaker 8: Bravo 2.

31:01 Speaker 1: Go ahead.

31:03 Speaker 8: I’ll be following EMS with one unit to Shands.

31:09 Speaker 1: Copy (GARBLED) EMS to Shands.

31:20 Speaker 3: Delta 3 following rescue 23 to Shands.

31:32 Speaker 1: Rescue 34 15 minute hospital notification.

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